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When we work together, we create a seamless, efficient path to stable housing for all. Taking action isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. And when we move together, the community thrives.

The Lex End Homelessness Continuum of Care

We're working together to coordinate policies, strategies, and actions to end homelessness

Lex End Homelessness is fueled by the strength of dozens of nonprofit organizations, partners, and advocacy groups that together make up our community’s Continuum of Care (or CoC). The Lex End Homelessness CoC is the comprehensive network of partners and leaders in our community that work together to coordinate the policies, strategies, and actions that end and prevent homelessness.

New and renewal project applications

Let’s Work Together

Lex End Homelessness is excited to announce the final selection of projects that have been recommended to HUD for funding. See below for the consolidated application. This provides information and documentation about the entire system, which shares details of the projects selected and how they relate to our community’s needs and priorities.

Our housing crisis response system

We're coordinating our efforts to ensure fair access to housing for all

Coordinated entry is the process by which all people experiencing homelessness in Lexington are supported with access to housing resources. Any organization in Lexington may participate by having staff who can assess an individual or family for their strengths in resolving their homelessness and by allowing other housing partners and partner organizations to meet regularly and review housing and supportive services options based on each individual or family’s needs and strengths.

How to join the Lex End Homelessness Continuum of Care (CoC)

Join the movement and become a partner

Partnership is free and highly encouraged for any organization working in the field of human services. You can apply by filling out our MOU form and submitting it via email. For questions call (859) 258-3105 or email Polly Ruddick.

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Homelessness is a community problem, but together, we can help solve it

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