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Lived experiences

Read empowering first-hand experiences from those who have been without a home.

At the end of the day, homelessness is an inability to make rent or pay the mortgage. Do you know what it’s really like to experience homelessness? Many of us have felt that fear. Learn how individuals and families in our community overcame challenges before, during, and after experiencing homelessness. These stories unpack personal insights and reflect on the unique challenges and solutions to homelessness in Lexington.

Understanding Homelessness Course

Improve your understanding of homelessness

Do you have questions surrounding homelessness or actions being taken to address it? Do you keep hearing references to Lexington’s “Continuum of Care” or “CoC” and want to know what this group is all about? If so, check out our new interactive course designed to help you better understand homelessness, introduce you to our local Continuum of Care, and share solutions for ending homelessness in Lexington.

Join the movement

Impact the life of an individual or family experiencing homelessness

Taking action isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do for our community. By donating to Lex End Homelessness, you make housing accessible, support a diverse and inclusive community, and give families a place to call home. Learn how you can join the movement to ensure stable housing for all.

Become a Lex End Homelessness partner organization

Organizations across Lexington are working together to end homelessness

Lex End Homelessness partners work together to design and implement a system to end homelessness. Thanks to our Housing Crisis Response System, all community resources, partners, experts, and initiatives are now tied together, and your organization can get in on the action. Come work as one for the benefit of all.