Data Dashboards

We are pleased to share three Continuum of Care data dashboards with the Lexington community.

About the Data

The aggregated data on the dashboards has been generated from the Kentucky Homeless Management Information System. The dashboards provide non-official numbers regarding homelessness in the Lexington area. The data is pulled from the Homeless Management Information Systems and represents various reporting periods.

The three dashboards each provide a different focus on who in our community is experiencing homelessness and progress being made toward ending homelessness. The data collected helps to target resources and services in areas of most need or with the greatest impact.

LEH COC Data dashboards

LEH CoC Data Dashboards

community analysis data dashboard leh

The Community Analysis Dashboard includes data from the CoC’s Annual Performance report. The dashboard examines the number

of individuals our CoC served and the demographics of those individuals.

This dashboard provides insight into measures used to evaluate program performance such as increased income percentages, or the average length of time people received help from one of our programs.

community performance data dashboard leh

The Community Performance Dashboard

is based on the System Performance Measures submitted annually to the

United States Department of Housing

and Urban Development (HUD).

This dashboard is the only one that provides a comparative analysis of performance measures from

the previous year.

The Community Snapshot Data Dashboard is from an annual report that includes

data collected from various CoC projects.

This dashboard gives a picture of who

in our community is experiencing homelessness and has robust

filtering options.