What We Do

Areas of Expertise

Housing Triage System

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), began working with other federal partners to set concrete goals for ending and preventing homelessness (Housing Triage Policies and Procedures). As part of the plan, HUD requires that each Continuum of Care (CoC) establish a comprehensive crisis response system to prioritize people most in need of assistance, such as those experiencing homelessness. In Fayette County, this means that all of our 70+ Lex End Homelessness partners are working together in an informed way to target housing and supportive services. 

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated entry is the process by which all people experiencing homelessness in Lexington are supported with access to housing resources. Any organization in Lexington may participate by having staff who can assess an individual or family for their strengths in resolving their homelessness and by allowing other housing partners and partner organizations to meet regularly and review housing and supportive services options based on each individual or family’s needs and strengths. Coordinated entry leads to positive outcomes: 

  • Diverts people away from the system who can solve their own homelessness; 
  • Quickly moves people from street to permanent housing;
  • Creates a more defined and effective role for emergency shelters and transitional housing; 
  • Creates an environment of less dedicated time, effort, and frustration on the part of case managers by targeting efforts; and  
  • Ends homelessness across Lexington-Fayette County, versus program by program. 

Housing First Principles

  • No housing readiness requirements
  • Self determination and client choice
  • Recovery orientation
  • Individualized and client driven supports
  • Social and community oriented services