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The Emergency Winter Weather Plan is activated any day or night that the temperature low is expected to fall below 32 degrees or during other severe weather events. This document provides details and contact information for the emergency shelter and transportation resources available to those experiencing homelessness.

Since Lex End Homelessness launched in July 2021, our community has made strides in our efforts to end and prevent homelessness for all. As we reflect on one year of Lex End Homelessness, we want to share the progress we have made and our goals for the future.

The Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) is a HUD report to the U.S. Congress that provides nationwide estimates of homelessness, including information about the demographic characteristics of homeless persons, service use patterns, and the capacity to house homeless persons. The report is based primarily on Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) data about persons who experience homelessness during a 12-month period. 

Results of the LexCount demonstrate the need for resources for housing and supportive services for those experiencing homelessness. The LexCount also helps determine how much funding is needed to continue impacting efforts to reduce and end homelessness.

Lex End Homelessness The Lexington Homelessness System Performance Measures

The Lexington Homelessness System Performance Measures is data our CoC gathers to regularly measure our performance as a coordinated system, in addition to analyzing performance by specific projects or project types, in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in our community. Our Lexington CoC reports this data to HUD as part of the selection criteria used to award CoC funding.


Understanding the 2023 LexCount

LexCount is Lexington’s annual point-in-time (PIT) count of all people experiencing homelessness in Lexington on a single night in January. Read our report to access key findings from our 2023 count.

An Overview of the Lex End Homelessness Housing Triage System

The LEH Housing Triage System uses 6 key steps to get people housed. Read our one-pager to learn more about how this process works.

Panhandling: Give Change That Lasts

Panhandling is when someone asks for money in a public space. However, giving someone money may undermine efforts towards systemic change. Read our one-pager to learn more.

The Basics of LexCount

LexCount is Lexington’s annual point-in-time (PIT) count of all people experiencing homelessness (including emergency shelter, transitional housing, or unsheltered homelessness) in Lexington on a single night in January. Conducting the LexCount ensures that we remain eligible for federal funding, helps us assess local needs, and provides critical insights into our progress towards ending and preventing homelessness year by year.

HB Lex End Homelessness Supports House Bill 2121

House Bill (HB) 21 is a proposal that seeks to streamline the process for individuals experiencing homelessness to obtain state identification. Read our article to learn more about HB21 and use our social media toolkit to show your support.

Preparing for the Winter Months Ahead: Our Emergency Winter Weather Plan

In cold weather, people experiencing unsheltered homelessness are particularly vulnerable to serious and potentially fatal illnesses and injury. As we approach these colder months, the Lexington-Fayette County Homeless Response System puts together an emergency winter weather response plan to ensure that all community members, regardless of housing, have access to shelter and the appropriate resources.

Street Outreach: A Person-Centered Approach to Ending Homelessness

At Lex End Homelessness (LEH), we believe that safe, stable, and affordable housing is the solution to ending and preventing homelessness. We follow a Housing First model, which means that we believe that people do not have to meet any stipulation or precondition to be considered “housing ready.”

Kearney Ridge Groundbreaking

This past spring, local developers broke ground on the new Kearney Ridge apartment complex, which is among some of the newest affordable housing units going up in Lexington. As we move into the fall, progress is coming along nicely, folks are already applying for housing, and units should be ready for leasing come next spring.

Messner Home Closing

At the end of July, the Messner Home in Lexington suddenly closed, leaving 24 men who had been living there in need of housing. New Beginnings & New Vista were key Lex End Homelessness partners in getting 100% of the affected individuals rehoused.

How to Respond to Panhandling