Homelessness can happen to anyone

Homelessness isn’t a disease or an affliction. It’s an inability to pay rent or make the mortgage. There are many, uncontrollable reasons why that happens.

Real Life Stories & Articles About Homelessness

At Lex End Homelessness (LEH), we believe that ending homelessness begins with listening and should be data driven. To help increase understanding of homelessness, we’re writing evidence-based articles and collaborating with partners and community members to collect “Lived Experience” stories.

The LEH “Lived Experience” stories project is an opportunity to share personal accounts of what it is like to experience homelessness in our community. The hope is that these interview-style stories will empower and inspire all of us in the Lexington community to learn more and join the Lex End Homelessness movement. 

Patty’s Story: I Know What It’s Like To Be Hungry and Cold
Patty’s story is one of triumph, and Lex End Homelessness is committed to supporting clients and partners in our mission to end homelessness in Lexington.
Shawntay and Unique’s Story: “We’ve Been Looking for Y’all”
Homelessness is a traumatic experience. Shawntay is a man of few words, but this quality gives his stories conviction. “Experiencing homelessness was terrible. It was a nightmare, and I hate to have to see anyone else go through what I did,” he said.
Lakelli’s Story: Coming Back Stronger than Before
When Lakelli got the call that she was accepted into the homeownership program, she said she cried and cried, “My kid asked me ‘Are you alright?’ and I told him ‘We’re going to be just fine.’”
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James’ Story: Thriving Thanks to the Community
James is a twenty-three year old student at Bluegrass Community & Technical School (BCTC). He’s also employed part-time at Star Manufacturing Inc. here in Lexington. At a first look, James’ promising future and even head on his shoulders would give you no clue to the hardships of his youth.
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Scott’s Story: Kindness is Free
His first period of homelessness wasn’t so bad, but this one is worse. “Every time you lie down, someone, or the cops, show up and tell you, ‘You can’t sleep here, you have to go somewhere else.’ But at eleven o’clock at night, it’s hard to find somewhere to sleep.”
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Thomas and Martha’s Story: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Thomas is originally from Springfield, Ohio, but moved to Harrodsburg, Kentucky when an acquaintance of his told him he’d have a job and a house lined up for him on his arrival. When he arrived, however, he found out that this job did not exist and neither did the housing he was promised. Thomas was… Continue reading Thomas and Martha’s Story: Home Is Where the Heart Is
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Paul’s Story: I Don’t Want to Have to Start Over Again
Paul McIntosh is about to be evicted from his apartment, even though he has never been late on rent. This is utterly devastating news for Paul because he’s experienced homelessness in the past. He’s unsure how he’ll manage his eviction given his mental and physical health conditions, yet he’s sure that with his faith and… Continue reading Paul’s Story: I Don’t Want to Have to Start Over Again
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Dena’s Story: A Survivor’s Search for Security
Dena Vincent is a forty-seven year old single mother, a survivor of domestic abuse, an addict in recovery, and as of April 2021, experiencing homelessness. Dena was born in Lexington but grew up in Nicholasville, Kentucky. She moved back to Lexington as an adult, but an abusive relationship catalyzed her addiction to drugs and alcohol.… Continue reading Dena’s Story: A Survivor’s Search for Security
Bernard’s Story: Waking Up is a Blessing
Bernard Johnson, a forty-six year old native Lexingtonian, first experienced homelessness as a young child. After struggling with undiagnosed mental illness, Bernard was eventually able to receive comprehensive support from New Beginnings to secure housing and counseling. Read Bernard’s story to learn how critical local support is from our Continuum of Care partners in helping him to thrive.
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Life is full of unknowns, and many of those experiencing homelessness are there because of an unexpected life event. There are many, uncontrollable reasons why that happens. Watch to learn more.